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Silver Grillz – Grab more attention

Are you someone who is simply in love with the look of gold grillz but you’ve been looking forward to trying something new that is less attention-seeking and flashy? If answered yes, save your money for those awesome silver grillz. When you own your pair of silver grillz, you can easily keep aside the gold ones for occasional use.

There are many users who think that gold grillz often doesn’t match with the kind of outfits that they wear in their daily lives. It is then that they look for other options. Thankfully, at Custom Gold Grillz, we offer you silver grillz that can match perfectly with your regular look. Once you start using them, you’ll soon know that they are equally fashionable as the gold ones. Moreover, they will match perfectly with most of your clothes, making it a versatile option.

We have a wide collection of white gold or silver grillz that you’ll simply love! The styles range from 6 and 8 tooth silver grillz to iced out grillz to vampire fang grillz and single or double-toothed grillz. The white gold grillz offered by us are plated with white gold on top of a metal grill where the metal is semi-precious. In case you’ve been searching for a long-lasting grill at a nominal price that doesn’t blow a hole in your pocket, you can choose from the white gold CZ grillz. The 925 Sterling silver CZ Premium grills are made with sterling silver and they’re also plated with rhodium to make sure they last for a lifetime.

Among the collections that we offer, the white gold grillz or the 92.5 sterling grillz are two of the most common mouth grillz that are preferred by customers. No matter whether you have the urge to kill it in the Jared Leto’s Joker grillz look or you would only want a worthy alternative to your gold teeth, our platinum styled grillz are best for you. Especially when you wish to stand apart from the crowd, this is undoubtedly the best way to go.

Do you still wish to have that dazzling shine on your teeth with which you can create a style statement? Or are you wishing to get a neutral style so that you can complement your daily look? If yes, we can offer you a wide range of options.

Though gold grillz are certainly the best option, but this is not the only option at hand. You can also choose from the stylish and trendy silver ones that are much less flashy than the gold ones. Regardless of whether you want solid silver or teeth made of white gold plated on stainless steel, it is worth exploring the alternatives to conventional gold teeth.

Difference between white gold and yellow gold

Just as the names of both are different, the colors of both are different. White gold is more similar in looks to silver but it is still made from gold which you all simply love. This color is formed in case of white gold because this metal is alloyed with other silver-colored metals like silver, nickel or palladium. This makes white gold more durable and scratch-resistant than yellow gold. This silver metal also gives grillz made of white gold the same benefits. They too tend to be stronger and sturdier.

Buying grillz – Should you go for silver or gold?

As long as shopping for mouth jewelry are concerned, especially for grillz, the most common question asked is whether to opt for silver or gold. The answer totally depends on your style. If you have a style that keeps changing, you can match your grillz accordingly. Nevertheless, once you visit our online collection, you’ll feel that you’ll get whatever you want to complete your look and head out of your house with that cool hip-hop look.

Once you own your favorite 92.5 silver grillz, you can keep aside the gold grillz to wear on specific occasions. In case you’re watching out for something that is more casual and that complements most of the outfits that you have in your wardrobe, the silver grillz is definitely the ideal one for you. It completes the way you look and gives the perfect touch as well as the final flare to make you look memorable and stylish.

At Custom Gold Grillz, we try our best to make you look confident and cool through the way you look. Get in touch with us and visit our website soon to get your set of silver grillz.


How much does silver grillz cost?

The cost of grillz depends on the material, style and the number of teeth that you want to cover. If you’re someone looking for an affordable option, you may go for 92.5 sterling silver grillz. If you don’t want the flash and shine of gold and diamond, you can opt for silver grillz to save money and yet look stylish.

Are silver grillz safe for your teeth?

Grillz are worn mainly for enhancing your style statement. But medically speaking, they can’t be considered as too safe for your teeth. In case you eat while already wearing a grill, debris and good will get trapped between the grill and the teeth letting bacteria produce acid. Acid can lead to tooth decay.

Can I design my own silver grillz?

Yes, there are ways in which you can design and customize your own silver grillz. However, for that, you have to know the steps that you should take. The internet has several resources that will tell you how to design your own grillz.

What is the best quality silver?

Sterling silver is the quality standard of silver that is followed in Europe, United States and most of the markets of the world. This allow comprises of 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is copper. This is considered as the highest quality silver.