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Grillz Accessories – Make your life easier

Grills, grillz or fronts, as you may call it are the funkiest things that rappers wear over their actual teeth. These are considered as the most unique types of jewelry. Grillz have been one of the most popular forms of jewelry in the hip-hop community for several years now but it was only through the last few years that they started gaining mainstream popularity.

As celebrities and stars like Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus started flaunting them, more and more people began to think that grillz are also for common men. People have started wondering what these grillz are and whether or not they can wear them too. Is it a good idea to become a fan of the grillz culture? Is it wise to invest in grillz?

If you too are one among them, this post is for you. We will discuss how these grillz accessories will make life easier for you.

What are grillz accessories?

For the ignorant and the laymen, grillz are diamond and gold fake teeth covers that are worn on the actual teeth. They are usually made of various jewelry materials and not only with diamonds and gold. However, both gold and diamond grillz seem to be the most popular and common ones.

Originally, grillz came into being several decades ago and then it had mainly 2 purposes:

  • To hide broken teeth in the front jawline or
  • To display status, wealth and style

When you can have diamond and gold teeth implants inside your mouth, why have normal fake ones? Grillz are both temporary covers on your teeth and can also be permanent teeth replacements. The two kinds are different in the way they’re used but still the visual impact will be the same apparently.

Grillz – Orthodontic accessories for your teeth

One of the main concerns that rise in the minds of people interested in grillz is whether or not they are harmful or safe for their teeth. Well, the answer depends on how exactly the grillz are being used.

In case the grillz that you’ve got don’t fit in perfectly with your teeth or you tend to knock the grillz, this can wear off the teeth enamel. If you keep eating with your grillz on and you don’t clean and brush them everyday, there will be leftovers of food that will accumulate on the false teeth. This can give birth to dangerous bacteria that will lead to several other dental issues.

This is the only reason behind some people reporting that grillz can lead to bad breath. In case this happens with you, it is most likely because of bacteria accumulation inside your mouth. Hence, all these concerns boil down to how good you are at maintaining proper oral hygiene. When you choose the appropriate grillz that fits inside your mouth, you have to be more careful about how you take care of your teeth and grillz. If you’re careful about it, there won’t be any issues at all.

The most useful grillz accessories

With the wide variety of styles available in the market, you’ll find a hard time on deciding which is the most useful among grillz accessories. Here are few types to check out:

  • Diamond Cut: No, diamond cut doesn’t speak about the material used as you can get diamond-cut in silver or gold. The name associates with the diamond shape.  This shape and pattern stands out among the solid pattern-free ones. The Trillion Cut is a very popular type that features several diamonds and hence is full of luster and shine. The Princess Cut style is also a famous one that is tipped with diamonds on the side.
  • Diamond Dust: This is one more subtype of the family of diamond cut and it is popular for its brilliance and sparkling finish. Once you wear these grills, your smile will be unique and will reveal the whole galaxy.
  • Open Face: Instead of completely covering your entire teeth in gold, this type of design just covers the edges thereby leaving a part of your actual teeth visible. Open face grillz offer enough room for its designers for self-expression and creativity. This outline may be thick or thin.
  • Highly Polished: Whenever people hear of grillz, they expect them to be highly polished. No space is left for your natural teeth to show up. The mold takes up the entire teeth space and when you grin, all that shows is the gold grillz. Grillz enthusiasts gradually become creative in sculpting them. The shape of the grillz can even be cut in such a manner that each tooth looks like a fang. The highly polished ones will actually dazzle when you smile.


Which box is the best to keep your grillz in?

You can get customized grillz storage box made of metal where you can safely store your grillz when you’re not using it. The box is immensely portable and lets you carry the accessory wherever you go. The lid of the box snaps shut to lock the grillz in place.

Do temporary teeth fit all or need to be customized?

No, these temporary teeth accessories called grillz will not fit all and they need to be customized. While there are pre-made grillz too, the customized ones fit inside your mouth in a better manner and are more comfortable.

How to set up Silicone Grill Mold Bars?

Once you get yourself the silicone grill mold bars, you’ll also be given instructions on how to set it up. The sets usually contain molds for both upper and lower teeth. They are easy-to-use and are pretty convenient too.

Which grillz accessories are the most often bought?

Most people go for gold custom fitted grillz as they are the most durable, shiny and cost-effective. Initially you may feel the burn in your pocket but in the long run they are the best. Therefore, if you wish to follow the hip hop culture and get yourself a pair of grillz to create a style statement, keep in mind all the above mentioned points before investing.