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Custom Gold Grillz

If you’re totally into the hip-hop culture, you must be familiar with grill, commonly known as grills or grillz. This is a form of dental jewellery that is worn over the teeth and you also call them gold fronts, gold slugs, gold caps or even gold teeth. No matter what you call them, gold teeth have become a staple in the hip hop fashion jewellery.
We offer both custom fitted grills from taking the impressions of your mold and also the gold plated grills that can be mold instantly and worn then and there. We have gained whole lot of experience of offering the best custom gold grillz in the market and hence we offer a lifetime warranty for all our products. So, if you’ve long been looking for stores that sell grillz, check out our collection!

We are proud to provide you with the best quality gold teeth at an affordable rate. We have a wide array of styles that range from diamond cuts, solids, iced out, fanged teeth and double/single tooth caps. From single tooth options to iced out sets, we will give you the best selections that are tailored to meet your needs. As this falls under a luxury item, you can get them at a reasonable rate without a hefty price tag.

Premade Grillz – How do they work?

We are one of the leaders of manufacturing grillz at an affordable rate. Custom Gold Grillz is a company that provides you with high quality removable mouthpieces that can give you the exact look of a hip-hop artist.

We offer you premade grillz that are designed with the necessary fitting mechanisms. Each grill has prongs at the back portion of the teeth. Whenever you receive your grills, you should immediately adjust the prongs lying at the back to make sure it fits inside your mouth appropriately.

Once you’re done with this step, you should then fit in a silicone molding within the opening and then keep the grillz in water that has been boiling at over a temperature of 107 degrees. Let the grillz stay there for 15 seconds. Then put it out and cool it down. As it is down to the room temperature, put it back to your mouth. This will form the impression on the malleable silicone molding. The mold sets, you get yourself a custom-fitted grillz for any hip-hop occasion.

Open face grillz, diamond grillz, gold fangs and silver grillz – Do you offer these?

The custom grillz that you get from us has been perfected in every possible way. The grillz are made out of semi-precious metals like jeweller’s brass, 925 sterling silver or stainless steel. On top of that metal, it is plated with either real gold or black gold or rose gold or rhodium. The basis of the grillz is henceforth made up of sturdy and durable materials so that the product can be long-lasting.

We also provide you iced out grillz which you may want to buy so that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in order to purchase them. Amongst our premium-made collections that are made out of 18K plated semi-precious metal to our affordable line, we can successfully craft the best pieces that can fit the requirements of many.

Just as other metals, this is also a work of art and hence it has to be taken care of. Take care of your grillz just as you would take care of a piece of jewellery. Above all, make sure you don’t wear them when you drink, eat, smoke or sleep.

Why Custom Gold Grillz for buying Gold grillz?

We are immensely serious about designing our grillz in a great manner. No matter which kind of grill that you may wear, you can be rest assured that you’re getting the best quality product at the most affordable rate. We too took enough time to understand the process and gradually do things at a cheaper rate than others.

As these are premade, you won’t even have to go for impressions and dental molds and this even means that you can let go of the middle-man. You don’t have to send your dental molds and get the impression taken as these are premade.
At Custom Fold Grillz quality can never be compromised by price. Hence you can be rest assured that whenever you’re doing your grillz with us, you can ensure maximum benefits. As against all other competitors, we are 100% sure about offering the best products at the most competitive prices in the market.


How much does gold grillz cost?

If you opt for a starter grill, the standard 6-tooth gold front can cost you around $240-$500. But when you choose to add gold to it, the price will automatically increase. The most expensive gold grill can even go up to $30,000.

Can I buy a gold diamond grill?

Yes, if you feel interested in clubbing gold with diamond while choosing your custom-fitted grillz, you can definitely go for it. Make sure you’re able to afford the gold-diamond grillz as it is certainly going to be pretty costly.

How much carat gold is best for grillz?

Gold grillz are manufactured in all karats of gold from 10K-24K. 10K gold is considered to be the least expensive yet the strongest as long as bending is concerned. However it tarnishes easily than the other karat options. Hence, 14karat is probably the best value for a customer on budget.

Can I buy gold-plated grillz?

Yes, if you’re on a budget and you can’t afford gold grillz, you can certainly choose gold-plated ones to get the same look at a lower price.