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Diamond Grillz

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Showing all 10 results

Create your style statement by wearing the best Diamond Grillz

Among the subset of female pop stars, Grillz have gradually gained momentum. When you hear the word ‘grillz’, does the thought of rappers immediately strike your mind? If yes, you’re not alone. What grillz are to a rapper, fries are to a burger. Hip-hop has long been synonymous with materialistic hedonism and grillz is not an exception.

If you have to add some shine and bling to your mouth or you want to be noticed by people, diamond grillz are definitely a thing of necessity. As more and more artists from Paul and Nelly Wall to Rihanna and Beyonce have embraced this grillz culture and are influencing their fans and followers in a heavy way, this is definitely the perfect time to get yourself a set.

Grillz is a chic accessory

While Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce have been photographed wearing grillz recently, Miley even went on to say that she owns three pairs and she thinks they are one of the most ‘chic’ pieces of accessory one can ever wear. Grillz started off as an accessory meant for the hip-hop stars and reached its peak level but now it is more of a girly thing!

If you have to have that ‘swag’ in a crowd of people and be remembered for your unique sense of fashion, grillz are undoubtedly the best way out. Both gold grillz and silver grillz are great to complement any kind of outfit that you wear. However, if you want to elevate that sense of fashion to the next level, diamond grillz are the best. There might come a time when you want to dazzle in a crowd. Why not make your mouth sparkle with the best diamond grillz? We, at Custom Gold Grillz offer you amazingly stylish and effective diamond grillz specially tailored for your face.

If you have been looking forward to creating a look that is similar to the hip-hop celebs at an affordable cost, you’ve clicked on the right page. We make our iced grillz with cubic zirconia and crystals so that the price stays reasonable for all. The styles of grillz that we have range from 2-3 row of crystals to iced grillz fully made of CZ. For people who plan to wear grillz occasionally, the crystal ones are ideal for them.

With Custom Gold Grillz, we can make you look stylish, fashionable and above all, wealthy! The best thing is that you don’t have to blow a hole in your pocket in order to grab your pair. We sell simulated diamond grillz that has a similar look to diamond grillz.

Step up your fashion with our various styles

If you’re trying to step up your fashion game, our diamond grillz is the best option. We have a wide array of styles available. We offer I, SI, VS and VVS clarity diamonds for our clients who wish to have a real deal. These aren’t diamonds created inside the lab but rather they are natural diamonds formed underground. Since they are natural, the stones are rare and costly.

If you’re already in love with a piece of grillz worn by your favorite celebrity and you want exactly the same, VVS Diamond Grillz is ideal for you. These stones are flawless and hence they have the expensive price tag. On the contrary, for clients looking for affordable ones, they can opt for SI and VS diamond grillz.

Which grillz are preferred by celebrities?

As long as celebrities are concerned, iced and diamond grillz are always a favorite among them. Are you interested in getting a similar look as your favorite star? If yes, diamond teeth can add that perfect touch. If you’re a rap-lover, then you must have been following Nelly, Paul Wall, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and T-Pain who have all rocked their look with the best grillz.

No, you won’t require spending a fortune for owning those diamond grillz which can give you a similar look as your favorite celebrities. Although filling your mouth with piece of diamonds won’t definitely be an inexpensive venture but in order to save your hard-earned dollars, you can try out our CZ and crystal grillz.

Though gold, silver and white gold grillz are great options that can help you make superb and memorable fashion statements but it is true that the allure and bling created by diamond and iced grillz is unmatchable. Once you use them, you can make an impressive fashion statement. Browse through our seamless collection and choose whichever catches your attention.