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Single tooth caps – Perfect for minimalists

Single tooth caps are dental crowns that are actually placed on a damaged tooth.  Crowns safeguard, cover and restore the shape of your teeth when the issue is not solved through fillings. Dental crowns are ideally made of different metals, resin, porcelain and ceramics. They don’t need too much of care apart from daily oral hygiene.

However, apart from the oral side of dental crowns, single tooth caps have also become an inseparable part of the fashion industry, especially in the hip-hop culture. While there are multiple celebrities who have donned custom-fitted golden and diamond grillz on red carpets and other shows, this trend is gradually becoming common among the laymen as well.

While the rich and wealthy show off their wealth and status by wearing extravagant grillz, there are other people living on a budget who can only afford single tooth caps. Dental crowns have always been used as a viable solution to restore the look and function of a harmed tooth but for those who wear it for style, it is just a demonstration of their style statement. Let’s discuss in detail about single tooth caps or dental crowns.

Single tooth caps – What are they?

A dental crown is a cover or ‘cap’ that your dentist will put over a specific tooth. As mentioned earlier, this crown will give back normal size, shape and function to the tooth. A crown makes the tooth stronger and can also improve the way it looks. Here are few reasons you may need a single tooth cap or a dental crown:

  • When you have a cavity which is too serious or crucial for a normal dental filling
  • When you have a cracked tooth, that is worn down or might be weakened due to bacteria
  • When you have a root canal treatment, the cap takes care of the restored tooth
  • When you want to cover a badly shaped tooth and improve your smile
  • When you wish to align your bite
  • When you want to achieve a unique smile by levelling the shape, size and color of your teeth

Add a touch of originality to your styling

While dental crowns are actually done for severe dental issues, it can also be done solely for the purpose of fashion. If you are a follower of the hip-hop culture, you’d know how celebs like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and several others have made red carpet appearances wearing a dazzling pair of custom-fitted grillz made of either shiny diamonds or glittery gold.

While there are many normal men and women who have developed a strong liking for this trend of wearing grillz on top of their actual teeth, not many can actually afford them. The custom-fitted gold and diamond grillz are pretty costly and are unaffordable for the budget-friendly people. Hence, the only option left for them is to wear the single-tooth caps.

As long as single tooth caps are concerned, they are made of different types of metals. If you have to add originality to your style statement, you have to first know what these are made of.

  • Metal: Different metals can be used for making single tooth caps or crowns including nickel, palladium, chromium and even gold. Since these metals are durable, they don’t break or chip easily. They usually last for the longest time and are hence the best in terms of wear and tear. Metal caps also withstand chewing and biting forces.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal: If you’re someone who doesn’t want to show off the dental cap, then you should go for this option. This type can be matched to your teeth’s original color. Nevertheless, the metal under the porcelain cap of the crown often shows in the form of a dark line.
  • All resin: Dental caps are also made of resin and these are less costly than other types of crowns. But the only con is that they wear easily with time and are more likely to break off sooner.
  • Pressed ceramic: Pressed ceramic dental crowns have a hard inner core. Pressed ceramic are capped along with porcelain and this provides the best match with the natural color. They are more long-lasting than crowns made with only porcelain.

Single tooth caps – Should you go for silver or gold?

If you’re only wearing the single tooth caps for enhancing your style and for gaining a unique and beautiful flashy smile, it is better to go for gold. Since you’re already on a budget, you should opt for a metal that is more durable and that is less likely to wear off or chip off with time. As compared to silver, gold is a much sturdier metal and thanks to its luster, you’ll get a dazzling smile that will make you stand out of the crowd.


How much does a single tooth cap cost?

Generally speaking, these crowns or caps range from $500 to $2000 or sometimes even more. If you’re looking for a low-cost solution, you may spend between $400 and $600 on a resin cap. However, lower cost will mean lower lifetime of the cap.

Are Single Tooth Caps comfortable to wear?

No matter you wear a single tooth cap for fashion, always visit a dentist. He will always ensure that your crown fits comfortably inside your mouth. The metal to use will also be decided by him based on the tooth’s function and location, position of the gum tissue and on your preference.

Single Tooth Caps – is it better to buy pre-made or custom one?

Since it is a piece of fashion jewelry that you’re going to wear inside your mouth, it is always better to get it customized. The dentist should take a mold of your teeth so that the crown or the cap that you wear is exactly in sync with the shape of your tooth.

Which is the most common tooth for wearing Single Tooth Caps?

When you’re investing in a single-tooth cap, what’s the point in hiding? The front teeth are certainly the best places to wear a single-tooth cap! Therefore, if you too want to become a part of this fashion industry, keep in mind all the above mentioned details and invest in single tooth caps.