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Open Face Grillz – Boast your new smile

Are you someone who hasn’t heard of grillz? The grill trend is basically the hottest trend as of now in the hip-hop culture. Celebrities not only wear it for their concerts and live functions but the laymen have also started buying grillz as presents instead of the age-old idea of buying flowers. So, if you want a million-dollar smile that’ll make you stand out in the crowd, opt for the open faced grillz style. Though jewellers are brought to houses in order to get a mold of the user’s mouth, this is not always necessary.

Have you ever thought what makes this mouth jewelry so unique and demanding? Occasionally people call them gold frames as your teeth are visible fully from underneath the jewelry. The grills don’t cover your teeth entirely and this makes open face grills more hygienic.

What are the materials that are used?

The type of noble metal that you would like to choose for your mouth jewelry depends on your preferences. You have to keep in mind that these metals can lead to allergic reactions inside your mouth. In fact, this is the primary reason behind being careful and taking time to research on the products that are used before buying them. You have to educate yourself.

One of the most common allergies that are caused is due to the nickel that is used. The allergic symptoms might include rashes, itching, blisters and redness all over. Can you imagine such things happening inside your mouth only because of the cheap metals used for making your grills? This is an extremely unpleasant experience that should be avoided at all costs.

Open Face Grillz Style – Why opt for them?

The reason to go for this option is simple, as it represents elegance and class. It is not just the hottest one among the other options but also the most hygienic one. In case you happen to be a hip-hop culture lover and you love bling, you can make your style statement with these. What better way than to rock your image with some shinies around your wrist, neck, ears and also your teeth?

Now that you’re showing interest in open face grills, it is for sure that you have a superior taste as long as grillz are concerned. If you’ve been wondering about the online stores where you can get the best open face grillz, Custom Gold Grillz is undoubtedly the best option.

Open Face Grillz at Custom Gold Grillz

Open face grillz is also called window grillz and wearing them is one of the best ways of showing off your pearly white teeth to your peers. They are certainly one of the hottest trends that you may follow at the present moment. Lots of celebrities have been donning the open face grillz in order to flaunt their million-dollar smile at a reasonable price. If you’re on budget, look no further.

We, at Custom Gold Grillz, offer open face grillz in 92.5 sterling silver, 10K, 14K and 18K Gold. What is the difference between the metals used?

Suppose you’re watching out for a more durable option that you’ll wear on a regular basis, we recommend you to opt for either a 10K or 14K gold piece. The 18K naturally has higher content of gold than the 14K and 10K but at the same time it is more malleable and hence prone to scratches and dents. Due to the fact that the 14K and 10K have low content of gold, they can be mixed with other stronger metals to make them more durable and scratch-resistant. On the contrary, sterling silver is a rather soft metal and is hence less strong than white gold.

Would you like to add flair to your window grillz? If yes, we provide you with multiple customization options like diamond dust, deep cuts, diamond cuts and fang extensions. Though it is true that most people look for the totally iced out grills that are worn by the rappers but it is also true that the open face pieces are more affordable for a regular user.

Once you decide to choose window grillz, you are never limited on your choice and the creativity of the materials. In fact, you can get increasingly creative with the open face as they’re cut into different sizes and shapes like hearts, circles, crosses and more. Once you combine the solid grills with open face pieces, you get a unique looking grillz.


What are open face grillz?

If you want to give in to the trend of wearing grillz like the hip-hop stars, you can opt for the freshest on the block! Made from solid gold, open faced grillz usually highlight your teeth with the outline design while adding a dazzling shine to your smile. You can get an open face grill done in 10k, 14k or 18k or rose gold or yellow gold.

Can I eat with open faced grill?

If you want to prevent all sorts of issues inside your mouth, you should limit the total amount of time that you spend wearing these removable grills. In case you already wear a grill, choose to remove it while eating. The grill has to be cleaned regularly to eliminate food debris and bacteria. Don’t use jewelry cleaners or other products as they can be dangerous.

Are open face grillz cheaper than other grillz?

There are several materials that are used for making open faced grillz and the type of metal that you choose will depend on your taste and your preferences. The cost of the open face grillz will depend on the metal that you choose. If you choose gold, the price will definitely be higher than that of silver but the item will be durable.

Can I buy diamond open face grillz?

Yes, you can always buy open face diamond grillz if you love diamonds. However, experts suggest that custom-fit diamond grillz are better options since you invest a big amount. But nevertheless, you can also open face grillz made of diamond if you think you can afford the price. There are several price options for this metal.