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Refresh your style by wearing iced custom grillz

Iced custom grillz are undoubtedly one of the most fashionable and trendiest things that are gradually gaining momentum in the hip-hop industry. This is more of a style statement that is never going to fade. If you are familiar with the hip-hop culture, you’ll know that there are several movie stars who wear iced grillz for red carpet events and live broadcasting events. Few stars who have been seen wearing these grillz are Madonna, Kardashians, Post Malone, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

Apart from them, there are many more celebrities who believe in creating their personal style statement with the help of these custom grillz. Normal people or laymen don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of showing off their unique smile amidst the crowds. The style of wearing gold or silver or diamond grillz has also appeared in several music videos throughout the country.

If you seem to already love this piece of fashion jewelry, you must be wondering where you can get such a trendy piece. Well, you needn’t worry as there are multiple sources from where you can get the best iced grillz to add to your style statement. Read on to know more on iced custom grillz.

What are iced custom grillz?

Iced custom grillz have almost become a staple of hip hop culture. From a mainstream famous rapper to an underground novice rapper, everyone owns an iced piece. If you too are a rapper or you aspire to become one, you can up your attitude in the rap industry by gifting yourself a pair of iced custom grillz.

Iced pieces are not just a symbol of your status but they also demonstrate the hard work and the efforts that you put in for earning the current status. These iced pieces are not made for the faint-hearted people as they are immensely costly, depending on the number of options and the number of teeth the user orders. Most of the iced grillz are made with the help of Cubic Zirconia lab diamonds and this gives the shine and look of real diamonds without having to bear the extravagant price.

The straight setting pieces are those that have the stones set in grid patterns and this is the basic type of setting. This grid pattern setting is pretty common and it is tough to set a balance between the amount of light each diamond gets and the size of the prongs. Nevertheless, the makers can always ensure that the pieces will shine and will be rainbow hard without having to compromise on the durability of the item.

Iced out rainbow grillz – They grab more attention

As long as daily hip-hop jewelry is concerned, iced out diamond rainbow grillz have become a necessity. It is now an imperative factor to add some shine and bling to your mouth as this is believed to be the best way of getting noticed. With celebrities like Rihanna, Paul Wall, Nelly and Beyonce donning grillz, now is definitely the best time to grab yourself a pair.

Grillz, especially the iced custom grillz are the best way of making a great impression amidst the crowd so that you can stand out and be remembered for your unique sense of fashion. Silver grillz usually look great and offers a great way of complementing any outfit that you wear, there are few occasions that call for stepping up the bling to the next level.

These are the special occasions and this is where you have to dazzle in the crowd. If you wish to make your teeth sparkle literally whenever you smile, iced rainbow custom grillz are the best options. They are made of multiple colored diamonds and the stones are fitted in a grid-like pattern.

The iced grillz are comprised of crystals and cubic zirconia for keeping the price reasonable. There are several styles ranging from 2-3 row filled with crystals to fully iced custom grillz with cubic zirconia. These are a great option for people who want to wear their grillz few times.

Iced grillz – Should you go for silver or gold?

As long as iced custom grillz are concerned, you have to keep in mind the longevity of the product since you’re paying a hefty amount for the piece of fashion jewelry. While it is true that silver grillz can complement any outfit, but gold, is still a better option if you’re concerned about the durability. Gold is a much durable metal and it also offers the best luster and shine for your favorite pair of custom iced grillz. On the other hand, you can also go for diamond grillz if you don’t like the yellow color of gold. The custom iced grillz are made from solid white gold, yellow gold, solid rose gold or sterling silver.


How much do iced custom grillz cost?

If you get yourself a starter grill, a basic six-tooth gold front, that will cost you somewhere around $240-$500. However, if you begin to add on to the bling, the price will also keep escalating. You can even move up to $30,000!

Custom grillz – How do they work?

As the name suggests, custom grillz are customized according to the mouth of the user. The user will place the impression of his mouth on the mold and the manufacturers use that mold to make the custom grillz. Hence these fit you better than any other type of grill.

Can I buy pre-made iced grillz?

Yes, you can always buy pre-made iced grillz as they are made ready for universal audience. They may not fit you as perfectly as custom iced grillz. Nevertheless, you can give it a try.

Which iced grillz are preferred by celebrities?

Celebrities usually prefer either diamond or gold iced grillz as both these metals suit their style and occasions in a best way. Therefore, if you’re someone who feels interested in getting yourself a pair of grillz, you should keep in mind all the above mentioned facts on custom grillz.