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Affordable Style diamond rust and diamond cut grillz

Grillz were mainly popularized in the 1980s by the Hip Hop culture and since then, they’ve been deemed to be a bold piece of statement jewelry. The acceptance of grillz as a unique form of jewelry has stretched from the roads of LA to the runways of New York Fashion Week. Grillz have always been one of the most desirable pieces of jewelry to have been offered at online stores. At Custom Gold Grillz, we offer you a wide range of custom made grillz made of the most precious metals like diamond, gold and silver.

However, as there are plethoras of options available, how are you supposed to decide on the type of grill that is appropriate for you?

How to choose the ideal Diamon cut grill?

Well, you have to understand the type of grill with which you vibe the maximum as per the style you usually carry. Opt for that design that, according to you, suits you the best. In case you are not able to decide, you may opt for the solid gold grillz set or the double-cap grill or the open-faced gold grill.

One more vital thing to consider is the golden color of your grill. White gold, yellow gold and rose gold are the three colors that are always available. The choice of your color has to be determined based on your personal preference. There can’t be any right color or wrong color. The color that you choose will entirely depend on what you like and how you want it to match with your outfits.

Think of the gold karat that you want for the grillz. Custom Gold Grillz provides you with custom diamond grillz and custom gold grillz at a minimum of 14K gold. However, for all those who wish to buy grillz with more karat options of 18k and 24K, you will get that too. Each of the grills is handcrafted with enough precision and this is why our grillz are of high quality. This adds to the durability, aesthetics, craftsmanship and fitment of the products.

The process of molding

To start the procedure of designing your custom grillz, you have to get a mold kit and take dental impressions of the bottom and top portion of the teeth. A dentist usually does this but at Custom Gold Grillz, you can get mold kits sent to your homes so that you can make the impressions all by yourself. These impressions are sent to the jeweller and your grill will be made through this impression.

Diamond dust Grillz

Diamond dust grillz as well as diamond cut grillz are all rising in popularity. There is also an explosive and staggering growth in the popularity of diamond dust grillz. The affordable pricing of the pieces has made them a famous choice for all those who are looking forward to add shine and bling to their mouths. Although there are many people that go for the gangsta grillz or the entire set of gold teeth like OGs, yet there are several others who opt for diamond dust grills only for the shine and the unique design.

Diamond Dust grillz – What are they?

If you don’t know what diamond dust grillz are, it is a new design that has been gaining popularity. They are made by cutting down small grooves within the grill for the unique design that helps them shine even in bright light.

Diamond cut grillz – What are they?

Diamond cut grillz are a specific style that has been doing rounds for much time now. They are made by adding diagonal cuts within the piece of diamond in a criss-cross pattern to make the unique pattern of diamond cut on that pair of grillz.

Polishing and cleaning your Diamond grillz

As the grill is ready from the casting, the excess diamond has to be sliced off so that the surfaces are smoothened. It should be made perfect so that they can flush with your teeth and give you a comfortable feeling. The casting material is then polished and cleaned and hence the grill has a perfect shine. When this is done, the diamond will look dull but once it is polished, it will get a brilliant shine. As they gain this perfect shine, they are ready to be worn in your mouth.

As most people try to make their front teeth out of gold so that they can get the look of rappers, we recommend you to get a unique diamond dust and a diamond cut grillz to stand out in the crowd.


How much does diamond dust grillz cost?

Diamond cut grillz and diamond dust grillz are gradually gaining popularity. Thanks to their affordable pricing that they have become a famous choice for people who want a shine inside their mouths and a dazzling smile. A gold front will cost you around $240-$500 but as you add diamond, the price accelerates accordingly.

Can I chew gum with diamond dust grillz?

It is recommended that you shouldn’t eat or chew gum while wearing your diamond dust grills. Doctors and experts will always ask you to limit the time that you spend in wearing grills. If you are already wearing any type of grill, try to open it before eating. Clean it daily to make sure there is no food debris or bacteria in it. Don’t use jewelry cleaners.

How should I clean diamond dust grillz?

If you’re wearing diamond grillz and you want to retain its shine, you should soak in a degreasing solution like water, add few drops of mild dishwasher and use that for cleaning your teeth minimum twice a week. After taking it out from the cleaning solution, use a cleaning toothbrush to remove any dirt.

What to avoid while wearing diamond dust grillz?

When you’re already wearing the grillz, don’t sleep while putting your grillz on. As bacteria can get trapped within and lead to decay problems, it is better never to sleep with their grills on. Daily cleanings will ensure that all the bacteria or debris are eliminated. While cleaning, don’t use cleaning products as they are tough to ingest.