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Custom fitted grillz – A grillz that fits your teeth

If you have long been following the hip-hop culture, you will be familiar with the fashion craze of grillz. Not only have grillz become a part of fashion but it has also become a part of their cultural phenomenon for multiple reasons. Grillz give people an extravagant and unique way of displaying and bragging their status. They are not just visually attractive but they can startle and dazzle the beholders with their tempting color and brilliance. Above all, they are just fun and enjoyable to wear.

What might be the biggest reason behind this gaining popularity of grillz? Well, their flashy manner of self-expression is probably the pivotal driving factor behind their momentum. Since they are available in a plethora of designs, materials and colors, enthusiasts can select from a wide array of choices. Buyers can even get several sets that match with different occasions and moods. Grillz are not only trendy but they also offer you enough space for customization.

What is custom fitted grill?

Grillz are actually a form of teeth that are jewelry-studded and much more than just shiny. Once you wear it, it may become the most appealing and visible part of your body but that doesn’t make it the most important part. The prominence is created by the mold, the part which is attached to the gums and that fits into your false teeth above your real teeth. Anyone who wishes to buy glitz should understand this factor about grillz before investing in them.

You can classify grillz in various ways according to the color, the metal, the style, the total number of teeth and other factors. How will you distinguish the grillz while buying them? The distinguishing factor is the mold, which is custom-fitted and premade. With premade mold, the design is already made keeping in mind universal audience. Anyone who orders it will be able to get a perfect fit. Since there is no such extra work required, premade grillz will reach customers more quickly than the other types.

On the contrary, when a user orders custom-fitted grillz, there is pretty much work that has to be done before dispatching it to customers. The first thing that you’ll receive is the mold kit that is ready to be customized and unused. The customer will have to leave their impression of their gums and teeth on the kit and watchfully pack it again and ship it to the grillz designer. Throughout the span of an entire week, the grillz designer will make a personalized grillz set according to the specifications received of the user’s mouth.

Finally, the second package that the customer will get is the grillz that are perfectly tailored to fit the mouth of the user.

Silver, Gold and Diamonds Custom fitted Grillz

  • Sterling silver custom made grillz (Silver Grillz)

These tend to be hard-hitting and are full of shine, gleam and luster from any angle you see. You can get designs either with silver or with 14K gold plating on top of silver. If you wish to make a statement, wrap up your beautiful smile with customized silver grillz and add a spark to your personality.

  • Gold custom made grillz

Are you ready to buy your new set of luxury custom grillz made of gold? If yes, make sure you buy it from a reliable manufacturer who has an experience in making custom gold teeth that fit in properly on your teeth. Add that zeal to your smile by wearing gold grillz and be a part of the trend.

  • Diamond encrusted custom fitted grillz

For the teens, a sparkling diamond smile is more like a dream. Diamond encrusted grillz are a symbol of progress and success. Get a pair for yourself if you want to show your status to your peers and set a style statement.

Why Choose Custom Fitted Grillz?

Although custom fitted grillz take more effort and time, customers end up waiting longer for them. But why should you choose these over the premade ones? Here are few reasons:

  • Custom fitted grillz are more comfortable to wear as they’re designed especially for the user who buys it. The creator will take your mold and design the grill with minute specifications.
  • Custom fitted grillz can be used for longer time periods. Once you order custom fitted grillz, you needn’t worry about feeling too small or too huge. They will fit in your teeth just perfectly. Hence you can wear them for a longer time period without any discomfort.
  • Custom fitted grillz can accomodate any individual. They can be modified according to a person’s mouth. It doesn’t matter whether the person has overbites or underbites or buck teeth or missing teeth. Every detail will be taken care of.


How much does a custom grill cost?

On the low end of the price spectrum of custom fitted grillz, a silver tooth may cost you around $75-$100 and a gold tooth made of 10 karat gold can cost you $150-$200. On the higher end of the price spectrum, you can even pay up to $250,000 for a set of customized diamond grillz.

What’s the difference between custom and pre-made grillz?

Pre-made grillz are of standard sizes and while they can fit all, they often look like a huge external mouthpiece or a large cap on your teeth. Custom fitted grillz are made out of your teeth’s impression. Hence they are more comfortable than pre-made grillz.

Can I buy all grillz in custom fitted option?

Yes, you can buy sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, 10karat gold, 14 karat gold and diamond encrusted grillz in custom fitted option.

Which is the most durable metal for grillz?

Well, 14karat gold is said to be the best value for a customer on budget. It is bright and shiny, has medium hardness and is durable. 18karat gold is costlier, has a brighter luster and is more durable. 24karat gold has unmatched shine and color and will never tarnish.