Just as grills act as a brilliant focus point on the front of a car, Grillz for your teeth can have exactly the same effect on people. The characteristic grillz teeth smile is the ultimate sign of happiness and status, especially in the hip-hop industry.

Custom Grillz? Gold, silver, and jewelry? On your teeth?

Yes, custom grill kits for your teeth can cost from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands, so you can basically install a custom Rolex of your creation.

However, not all grill teeth are permanent, and most of them act as attractive mouth protectors. Regardless of your preference for precious stones or metals, Custom Grillz can take your accessories game to a whole new height of greatness. Read on to learn more about where Custom Grillz comes from, what different types you can choose from, how much they cost, and how to clean your own set correctly.

What are Custom Grillz?


Grillz teeth became increasingly popular (especially in the hip-hop industry) due to the “Bling” movement in the 1980s. When we hear “bling-bling”, for some reason we immediately think of matte necklaces, thick shiny chains, and Grillz. Hip-hop legends like Jay-Z first rocked the bling we recognize and showed the world their value and power. Given the history and habit of kings, Queens and other kings to wear jewelry and exhibits of great wealth, this is not so new.

Consider the crown jewels of England, which are stored and protected in the tower of London all year round. Their significance is undeniable, and their idea of wealth and power is known all over the world, although they are rarely found. This set of gold, silver, precious stones and skilled craftsmanship has survived hundreds of years and is only removed for a specific occasion: the coronation of new kings.

This means that the crown jewels are removed only once every few decades during the coronation ceremony. These few moments in public are enough to show the world the value and power of the new Royal house, just as Custom Grillz can do for you.

Custom Fited Grillz Jewelry for Status Display


Individual removable Grillz are usually made of high-quality stainless steel coated with precious metals (so as not to disturb or irritate your mouth). The precious metal can then be encrusted with diamonds, rubies, or other precious stones that you choose. Individual sets are made to match your teeth after the customer first supplies the manufacturer with the shape of their teeth. It is typical for these companies to provide customers with silicone casting gel when purchasing Grillz.

Otherwise, you can ask your dentist to make a print of your teeth, which you can send to the manufacturer. Permanent Grillz are implanted for daily use. You can discuss the procedure with your dentist and find out where to perform it. Instead of a removable tray with gold teeth, you can also choose a SIP of the richness of your own creation! The catch with this, of course, is that in this procedure you need to include even more money in the total cost.

How much does Custom Grillz cost?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to get gold teeth? Depending on the type of grill you want to buy, the cost of your set can be around 32 gold teeth.

For this reason, there is no exact answer to the cost of your kit until you evaluate all the individual parts. What is the difference in value between silver and gold? “What about between a dozen diamonds and two dozen diamonds?”

Fluctuations in material prices should be taken into account when budgeting, if you have Grillz in mind (and it’s worth your time and money to know exactly what you want in your kit). Depending on the purity of the gold or silver used to make a traditional cap or crown, a single tooth will probably cost you several hundred dollars. From there, you need to work out the math for all the teeth and determine the price of the gems you want to use (if any). The cost of custom Grillz, whether permanent or not, is never a cheap test.

Fortunately, jewelry that is so complex and custom-made is likely to last a long, long time (perhaps the rest of your life with proper care). So the price may be worth it! If you are looking for custom grillz, check out our custom grillz collection.