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How about the look of flashing golden grillz when you walk down the road and give that flashy and shimmery smile to all? If you’ve been following the hip hop industry, you would know that grillz are a staple item that has been around for several years now. They are also called gold teeth and they’ve mainly been brought to the limelight by the legends of the hip hop industry and presently there are several other celebrities who are following the suite.

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Grillz and its basics

Grillz are a form of mouth jewelry that is worn in order to cover your teeth. This jewelry is especially popular in the western hip-hop industry. Rappers like Flavor Flav and B.I.G brought about the rise of grillz and now there are many other celebrities like Lil’Wayne and Will Smith who have also been sporting the same. Not only are they popular among the male celebrities, but also among the females. Hip Hop has always had a fashion with iced out jewelry, gold chains and golden teeth.

Types of Grills and their styles

Grillz are made out of different materials. The teeth caps have to be made with metals like gold, silver and platinum. You can even customize the gold grillz with a tint of white gold, rose gold or yellow gold as per your choice. These can be personalized in different types like silver grillz and some can also include precious stones and gems which are embedded within the teeth. The most common golden teeth created by us include 10K, 14K and 24K gold.

Apart from the temporary ones, there are permanent decorative grillz too that are meant to stay on your teeth forever. These are usually worn so that you could withstand the different things that go inside your mouth. Making and crafting the permanent ones take a lot of time as they go through an extensive process.

On the other hand, instant decorative temporary teeth can be bought whenever you want to. They are ready-made and it depends on you how you’re going to mold them inside your mouth. Since they’re not custom made for your mouth, they might not fit in accurately at times. Though the materials aren’t impervious with the temporary ones but you can always take it out of your mouth. The grill uses permanent molding to shape the grill appropriately inside your mouth.

Knowing the costs of Grillz

When you first take a look at grillz and get to know about them, you’ll think that they’ll cost you a fortune. But this doesn’t have to be the case always. Not all pairs of grillz are costly. There are definitely things that you can do in order to prevent investing a fortune. Choose the right type of metal based on your affordability. For the cheapest yet funkiest one, go for silver grillz. The smaller is the karat, the more reasonable will be the price.

How to take care of your gold plated grillz

How are you supposed to take care of your gold plated grillz so that it can last as long as possible? Since you spend enough of your saved money behind, you should know how to take care of it. You have to use diluted solution of dishwashing soap. Leave the teeth within this solution for nearly 5-10 minutes. Then, remove them from the solution and brush them lightly with the help of a toothbrush. Once you’re done, rinse them under warm water and pat them dry. If you do this often, you no longer have to worry about its shine fading away.

Can you harm your mouth with noble metal dental accessories?

No, wearing these noble metal grillz won’t harm your teeth or your mouth, provided you take care of them in the above mentioned manner. Don’t wear them for more than 6-8 hours at a time as they have to be brushed along with your teeth. Try not to buy foreign ones that they might use harmful materials that may cause allergic reaction.


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