Celebrities Flaunting Gold and Fanged Grillz

Beyonce in her Yellow Gold Bar K9 Fanged Grillz

Leave it up to Beyonce also known as Queen Bey to make wearing a Yellow Gold Bar K9 Fanged Grillz a World slaying affair. We had to to give her a Gangsta Grillz award for the dazzling gold bottom fanged grillz that she showed off in her “Yonce” music video.

Rihanna in her Gold Bar Grillz

Rihanna in her Gold Bar Grillz

Rihanna doesn’t need a special event or a music video to rock her Gold Bar Grillz. Even in just a regular day, we can see her wearing teeth grillz while checking on her cell phone. As you can see in the photo above, she is kicking it in a sexy bathing suit, while showing off her AK 47 Custom Grillz. A friendly reminder, just be sure that you don’t run up on her and and get shot with a mouth full of custom gold grillz.

Madonna Flaunting Gold Bar Grillz

Madonna Wearing Grillz

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, is also an unceasing grillz-wearer. She has been seen showing off her love for the Gold Bar Grillz on Instagram. As far as we can remember, she rocked these on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

She has been quoted saying “Yeah, I’m grillzin” .”It pisses everybody off when I wear my grillz, so that’s why I wear it.” She loves these teeth accessory so much, in fact, she got a custom pair for her eight-year-old son, David.

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