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The quality of the grillz from Gangsta Grillz are superb. I bought a lot from this site and it arrived to my doorsteps safe and secured. It is packaged securely and as I have said the grillz are nicely cut and fit perfectly on my teeth.
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Bought silver grillz and dimaond cut grillz here. Both are still shining like new. Highly recommended teeth grillz site.
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A friend tagged me on Twitter and got intrigued on their grillz. I went on and bought some custom grillz and they are FIRE! 5/5 stars!



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How to buy and order best grillz online – gold or silver grillz for sale

The use of gold teeth has become increasingly common these days. Thanks to the hip hop culture that ordinary people have all started following this trend of buying gold grillz. No, this is not the conventional set of teeth that is set inside your gums but it is a piece of jewelry that helps you maintain a fashion statement. Since it started getting popular through the hip hop culture, it got categorized as hip hop jewelry. As the rappers started donning this jewelry, the fans started following suite.

Custom Gold Gangsta Grillz Gold teeth – online store

Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z have all worn this piece of dazzling jewelry many a times while walking on the red carpet of MTV Music Awards. If you too want to add that bling to your outfit, order your custom gold grillz from Custom Gold Grillz Online.

There are plenty of online stores where you can flip through the latest collection of diamond and gold grillz but finding a reliable store is a daunting task. We are GangstaGrillz, the largest and the best manufacturer of custom gold grillz and diamond grillz and we offer premium quality at the most reasonable prices. Take the following steps to buy real grillz online and order the best grillz online from us:

  • Check out the collections and shop the perfect one according to your choice. Find an ideal set of grillz from our modern and traditional collection of gold and diamond grillz
  • If you didn’t find anything unique, we can also help you with custom orders.
  • As you receive the raw mold from us, follow the instructions and our tutorial video to design your molds.
  • Once you send the mold, which is actually your teeth impressions, it is entirely on us to make your custom grillz.

What are the best Gold Grillz online you can get?

At GangstaGrillz, we are proud to offer you the highest quality gold teeth at a fraction of the cost. We have styles that range from diamond cuts, solids, fanged teeth, iced out and single/double tooth caps. Gold grillz are those that are made with gold (real gold) plating on top of a semi-precious metal. We offer long-lasting products that will impress you. Although this is a luxury item that can cost you several thousand dollars, you have a chance to get the best custom-fitting grills without breaking your bank.

Are silver cheap grillz worth it?

If you seem to love the look of gold grillz but you wish to wear something that is less flashy and at the same time attention-seeking, silver grillz are the best options. GangstaGrillz offers you silver grillz that can help you complete any look. Once you start using, you’ll soon find them to be equally fashionable as gold grillz, rather matching your outfits even more.

Our 92.5 Sterling silver grillz are among the most popular among mouth grills and you can get the Jared Leto’s Joker grillz look with it. For those who wish to stand out of the crowd, the platinum style grillz are the perfect ones. So, for the people within a budget, silver sterling grillz is definitely a great option.

How to make your custom gold grill? Best place to buy grillz?

The custom grill kits for your teeth can cost you several hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, you can install a custom gold grillz. Grill teeth act as mouth protectors and they aren’t permanent. To make grillz, you have to begin by buying a mold kit and taking an impression of the top and bottom of the teeth, based on the purpose of making the grillz.

Normally, these are done by dentists but now with the rise of online retailers, more and more people can ship the mold kits to your home so that you can take the impressions and send them back to the online jeweller. This is the most vital step that shouldn’t be done in a wrong manner. We also encourage to check our accessories.

Once the impression is done, the dye stone is poured to fill in the impression and create the mold which the grill will be created from. A vibrating machine is used to press the tray and the impression.

Casting the molds is the most interesting step where you get the first look of the custom grillz. The mold is turned into a casting with a wax lining through various professional techniques. Wax tubes are added on either side of the plastic so that gold can be injected into it. As the casting material is solid, the plastic is removed and gold is poured in. As this process is complete, you almost have the beginnings of what you call a gold grill. 

Creating custom fitted grillz is a craft and as the best craftsmen, we take enough pride in the work we offer. Never settle for cheap quality custom grillz as that can affect your mouth.


What is better – custom fitted grill or pre-made grill?

If you opt for the former option, the product can definitely be more comfortable than the pre-made grill. The grill makers take an impression in order to design the custom-fitted grills. This impression will capture the shape and alignment of the teeth so that the teeth perfectly fit inside the mouth. On the contrary, pre-made grillz are universal and are made for all.

Which grillz are of the best quality?

Among silver, diamond and gold grillz, gold grillz are certainly of the best quality mainly because of its texture, glaze and durability. Though a costly option, yet gold grillz are much more durable than the other counterparts.

Is wearing a grillz safe for your teeth?

Well, the acids may cause decay and also hurt your gums. Due to bacteria, you may also be a victim of bad breath. There is also a possibility that the grillz will irritate the oral tissues and wear away the enamel of the tooth beside which you wear the grillz. If you actually want to prevent such harm, limit the time for which you put on your grillz.

Can I design my own custom grillz?

Yes, you can pick out a grill and personalize it in the way you like it. You may also draw the custom diamond-cut design and mail it to the manufacturer along with your mold. When you’re done, you can add the chosen grillz to your online shopping cart and then click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Follow the process of check out and print your order. This way you can design your own grillz.

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